Human Resources

The Human Resource Department of Klinikum Erding takes care of all concerns of our existing and future staff members. As service providers, we support our staff in a customer-oriented manner. We advise all employees on all issues of personnel work from the first contact with applicants to recruitment, accompanying every single one of them in their career until they leave Klinikum Erding.

Martin Fuchs

Provisional Head of Human Resources

Controlling and Corporate Development

Martin Kornhaas

Head of Administration, including controlling, accounting and finance, medical management, as well as deputy head of department 6 of Landratsamt Erding.

Finance, Accounting and Commercial Operations

This department comprises accounting, contract management as well as economic and supply services including purchase and logistics, kitchen, domestic services and assisted transport service.

Ludwig Fischer

Head of Commercial Operations and Logistics

Anne Raith

Head of Housekeeping

Wolfgang Glas

Head Chef / Head of food services

Technical Services

This department comprises IT, medical engineering as well as construction and technology and procurement of equipment.

Ralf Sandner

Head of Materials and Engineering

Werner Huber

Head of Faculty Operations and Maintenance

Thomas Knoll

Head of IT and Medical Equipment

Patient Management

Michael Fischer

Head of Patient Management

Patient Administration

Corina Hellemann

Head of Patient Administration

Data Management

Central Sterile Supply Department (CSSD)

Birgit Wagener

Head of the Central Sterile Supply Department (CSSD)

Quality Management

Regina Salten-Wandinger

Head of Quality Management

Susanne Haller

Quality Management

Corporate Communication