In Klinik Dorfen

Patient rooms provide a modern and friendly atmosphere and are equipped with

  • Bathroom with shower and toilet
  • Telephone
  • Beds electronically adjustable in height and position
  • Nurse-Call system with direct connection to the nursing staff as well as remote light and radio controls

During your recovery, your ongoing reconvalesence and increasing mobility with the ability to pass your time beyond the limits or your room is rewarding for us. Klinik Dorfen offers the following additional facilities to pass time in a pleasant atmosphere:

  • Common room on each ward
  • Entrance hall
  • Patients’ garden

Please refer to our elective services page for more information regarding single rooms.

Upon admission for inpatient treatment, our qualified nursing staff will instruct you on handling your patient room appliances, the use of the nurse-call system, the adjustment of your bed and the use of the radio. The telephone information sheet provides extensive information on how to use the telephone.