In Klinikum Erding

Our patient rooms provide a modern and friendly atmosphere and are equipped with

  • Bathroom with shower and toilet
  • Personal bedside television with earphones
  • Telephone
  • Internet access from your bed (use of personal laptop required)
  • Beds adjustable in height and position
  • Nurse Call system with direct connection to the nursing staff as well as remote light and radio control

During your recovery, your ongoing reconvalesence and increasing mobility with the ability to pass your time beyond the limits of your room is rewarding for us. This is why Klinikum Erding offers the following additional places to make your stay more pleasant:

  • Common rooms (in the ward block on each ward)
  • Entrance hall
  • Cafeteria
  • Patients’ garden

When leaving the ward, we ask patients to be adequately clothed (i.e. bathrobe, leisure suit or streetwear). We further request patients to remain in their rooms during doctor’s rounds, treatment times and meals as well as before scheduled examinations.

Single rooms are available to those who are privately insured or undergoing self-paid treatment. Such rooms are optionally located on our interdisciplinary elective services ward (4A). Please refer to the elective services page for further information.

Accommodations and catering for accompanying persons is available upon request. Please contact our patient management staff for further information.