Anaesthesiology is considered to be the epitome of multidisciplinary medicine: It is not only in constant dialogue with all surgical disciplines, but also collaborates closely with the Department of Internal Medicine by providing active guidance to patients before, during and after surgery.

In terms of therapeutic measures, anaesthesiology employs a great number of state-of-the-art, often technically sophisticated techniques and combines theoretical basic knowledge, e.g. from physiology, pharmacology and anatomy, with targeted medical action, frequently under pressure of time. A scientifically founded approach, manual skills, willingness to take responsibility as well as organisation skills and ability to work in a team are prerequisites for success in anaesthesiology; understanding attendance to patients, who usually find themselves in a challenging exceptional situation, as well as constant awareness of risks relating to the specific patient, technique and situation are just as important and indispensable.

The team of the Department of Anaesthesiology and Surgical Intensive Care Medicine at Klinikum Erding consists of anaesthesiologists, senior house officers and more than 50 nursing and functional service staff members, of which more than half have completed further training in intensive care medicine and anaesthesiology. The department’s tasks consists of the full range of anaesthesiology for patients undergoing surgery at our hospital. This usually starts with the Pre-Assessment Clinic (pre-anaesthetic consultation) and continues with the patient's care throughout the perioperative time, from the holding room to the operating theatre, the recovery room and in many cases also beyond, either because the severity of the disease, or the complexity of the surgery necessitates further supervision in the Intensive or Intermediate Care Unit or more advanced pain control is required for a few days following the surgery on account of heavy postoperative pain. Further tasks include the management of the Blood Group Serological Laboratory and the Blood Bank, the coordination of all operations in the operating theatre (OR management), a substantial contribution to internal clinical emergency care (code blue team) as well as the emergency medical care of the population in the county of Erding (emergency physician service, supplying the chief emergency physician).