Internal Medicine – Cardiology

The heartbeat is the rhythm of our life: As a rule of thumb, a heart beats 50 to 80 times per minute – but only in humans. The heart of a blue whale is considerably slower, beating only about 18 times per minute, whereas a mouse has a heart rate of about 500 beats per minute. However, they all share the trait of having the heart as the central point of their body. The human heart pumps about ten liters of blood into the arteries per minute to supply the whole body with the oxygen it needs to live.

The Cardiology Department diagnoses and treats mainly cardiovascular disease as well as alongside all internal diseases. Whether patients come to Erding because of diseases of the coronary vessels, the cardiac muscle or the cardiac valves, a pacemaker implantation or stroke treatment – our hospital provides high-quality medical care for all of these conditions. Our physicians work closely with specialists in other fields: The in-house surgical department is available for medical advice and, if necessary, surgical care.

Our experts use state-of-the-art examination and treatment methods, which have been significantly expanded since 2011, when the cardiac catheterization lab was established. As of January 2013 the department offers 24/7 services for the treatment of patients with acute myocardial infarction. In addition, the department cooperates with numerous external partners, including the German Heart Center in Munich as well as the Cardiological practice of Drs. Schuffenhauer, Adler and Kopf at Medical Campus Erding. Klinik Dorfen also has a corresponding focus in the form of an external Cardiology Department that specifically provides medical care for heart patients in the eastern part of the district in close cooperation with Erding and its partners. This ensures the highest level of medical competence throughout the district and around the clock.