Welcome to the Erding Gastroenterology Center

Every year, about 70,000 people in Germany are diagnosed with this disease, affecting men and women equally. Colon cancer is thus the second most common type of cancer.

Regular screening often enables early detection of the disease, thus increasing the chances of recovery – not least owing to new scientific insights, the treatment concepts in all stages of the disease have also been considerably expanded during the last few years. Interdisciplinary collaboration of guaranteed quality between the specialist departments involved has become an integral part of clinical practice.

Being diagnosed with colon cancer is a shock for patients and their relatives, so we, the team of the Erding Gastroenterology Center, want you to rest assured that we will take very good care of you. Highly competent staff and cooperation with external partners from a wide range of disciplines ensure that you receive the best possible treatment at our hospital as well as before and after your stay.

The expertise of various special disciplines is consolidated under the roof of the Erding Gastroenterology Center, certified by TÜV Süd, to offer patients assistance from one source. Alongside optimum individual medical treatment, the Erding Gastroenterology Center offers wide-ranging medical, social and psychological support and, together with local general practitioners and specialists, contributes to educating people about colon cancer and the possibilities of prevention.

Many of the countless questions in connection with such a diagnosis often do not arise in the first consultation but at a later point. In order for you to also have all essential information readily available when you are at home, we have compiled the most important aspects here.

There is one thing we would like you to know straight away: You are not alone with this disease. The team of the Erding Gastroenterology Center will be happy to provide you guidance and support.