Metabolic Disorders and Diabetology

In addition to gastrointestinal diseases, the range of services at the Gastroenterology Department also focuses on disorders relating to the body’s metabolism. In this process, the body not only exchanges substances, but modifies them as they are being transported to their respective destinations.

The metabolism is thus not only responsible for continuous cell regeneration, but also ensures that the body’s energy needs are met. Klinikum Landkreis Erding provides treatment for diseases affecting the metabolism and the hemopoietic system as well as tumors and infections.

In addition, daily diabetes education involving close collaboration of specialists, diabetes consultants and dietary assistants is available to give patients the greatest possible independence in managing their condition. Patients are also offered personalized daily informational and advisory services at the bedside to provide them with the skills and knowledge required in managing diabetes. This covers subjects such as the basic clinical picture, treatment methods and methods to improve blood-sugar management, proper nutrition, injection technique, blood-sugar self-monitoring, health screenings as well as possible complications.

We are happy to include the patient’s family members in our informational and advisory services. After all, anyone who is well-informed and educated about the condition and makes the necessary dietary adjustments will be able to largely prevent, or at least delay, complications of diabetes.