Outpatient Surgery Center

The modern Outpatient Surgery Center of Klinikum Erding has been in place since the spring of 2006.

Course of an outpatient procedure at the Outpatient Surgery Center

Preparing for the outpatient procedure

Patient admission:

  • Arrange an appointment for the outpatient procedure (surgery or examination).
  • Please bring the letter of referral from your general practitioner with you.

Pre-Assessment Clinic (for outpatient surgery):

  • The anaesthetist will have a pre-anaesthetic consultation with you, in which you will be informed about the planned anaesthetic technique and can provide your written consent.

Day of the outpatient procedure

Please remember the following:

  • Please report at the Outpatient Surgery Center (on level 1) 60 minutes prior to the scheduled time of the surgery.
  • Take your permanent medication with a little water as arranged with the anaesthetist and bring them with you.
  • Wear comfortable clothing and remove any jewellery and piercings.
  • You need to come to the surgery on an empty stomach, i.e. you must not eat, drink or smoke 6 hours (toddlers 4 hours) before the surgery. Please also avoid chewing gum and candies.

After discharge

Please observe the following for 24 hours after discharge:

  • Please have a relative or friend pick you up after the outpatient procedure (you must not actively participate in road traffic, also not as a pedestrian).
  • Do not operate any dangerous machines.
  • You should not make any important decisions.
  • Refrain from drinking alcohol.
  • Painkillers and sedatives should only be taken as recommended by the attending physicians.
  • Consult the anaesthetist before taking any permanent medication.
  • Spend the first night at home and not alone.

Please remember the following in the event of complications:

Should you experience

  • fever
  • circulatory or respiratory problems
  • intense pain or
  • secondary bleeding

after the surgery, please contact us immediately on +49 8122 59-1789 (Emergency Department).

Discharge letter

  • On discharge, you will receive a letter to be forwarded to your physician, referred to as discharge letter. You and your physician will be informed about any outstanding findings without delay.