Patient Care at Klinikum Landkreis Erding

Alongside the medical service, nursing is the professional group that has the most contact with patients. We employ a total of 300 staff members in health care and nursing, ward secretariats and care assistant positions alongside other professional groups to ensure high-quality patient care.

Patient and nursing management are essential building blocks in the treatment of our patients. The skilled nursing staff team always sees the patient as a person in his or her current physical and emotional condition. Our staff members systematically identify the required level of care for each individual patient and provide care services in a structured and planned manner.

Our field offers a wide range of career opportunities for both seasoned professionals and young newcomers to work in a skilled treatment team. We support you in your career goals, ranging from nursing internships to training and continuing education all the way to your specific professional position at our hospital.

We are committed to maintaining close relationships with our patients, clients and visitors. We will be happy to welcome you and personally inform you about the patient care services at Klinikum Erding. Your praise and your suggestions are greatly appreciated – they help and support us in our endeavour to become even better.