Internal Medicine – Pneumology

The Pneumology Department of Klinikum Landkreis Erding offers optimum prerequisites for the treatment of patients with pulmonary diseases. It is imperative to provide these patients with a timely diagnosis and a treatment plan tailored to their specific needs, which may include long-term oxygen therapy and home ventilation.

Tumors and other diseases affecting the pulmonary alveoli, pulmonary capillaries or bronchi, including asthma, chronic bronchitis (COPD) and other medical conditions, require swift treatment. The Pneumology Department is also closely involved in the further treatment of these diseases as part of the Disease Management Program (DMP).

To provide the best possible treatment, the lung specialists work hand-in-hand with the subject-related Intensive Care Unit as well as other departments, in particular the Thoracic Surgery Department, on an interdisciplinary basis. Klinikum Erding’s close collaboration and streamlined organisational structure guarantee comprehensive care for patients with pulmonary diseases at the Pneumology Center of Competence: Following prompt diagnosis on admission, the patient either receives further treatment at the Pneumology Department or is transferred to the surgical department, depending on the diagnosis. In addition, physical therapy is available in each phase of treatment in order to offer the patient further treatment options. If necessary, the patient can be transferred to the Intensive Care Unit at any time. This extensive collaboration of all involved allows for patients to receive uniform treatment without loss of information even when they are transferred through different departments.