Welcome to the Therapy Center

To round off the service portfolio, Klinikum Landkreis Erding has its own Therapy Center – because physical therapy, ergotherapy, speech therapy and podology are important supplements to medication and surgical treatment. During their inpatient stay, patients receive treatment on the ward; if they wish so, patients at Klinikum Erding can receive additional treatment directly at the Therapy Center. Following inpatient stay, the treatment can be continued at the Therapy Centre on an outpatient basis.

The range of treatment options in physical therapy comprises massage, lymph drainage, medical bath, underwater massage and much more. We have physiotherapy equipment for rehabilitation training supervised by physical therapists and an exercise pool for both individual and group therapy. Further treatment options include gait and posture training, various massage techniques including underwater massage, electro- and thermotherapy as well as ultrasound and short waves.

Ergotherapy is applied to treat disorders of motor functions, sensory organs as well as mental and cognitive faculties and skills. The Therapy Centre helps patients overcome disorders of motor or mental functions, disturbances of memory as well as cognitive and developmental delays in children and adolescents. Furthermore, ergotherapy focuses on the development and promotion of soft skills and the improvement of self-image. The goal is to accompany and support both adults and children, enabling them to achieve maximum independence in everyday life.

Speech therapy comprises diagnostics, consultation and treatment for adults, adolescents and children with vocal, language, speech and swallowing disorders. The treatment is started by making an evidence-based diagnosis and preparing an individual treatment plan, which is discussed with the affected patient and, if necessary, with the parents or relatives. Depending on the main focus, the treatment is aimed at enhancing communication skills, improving food intake, increasing social integration and maintaining the ability to work. The therapy is designed to convey methods of transferring the contents learned to everyday life.

The range of treatment options in podology, i.e. professional, medical, diabetic foot treatment, comprises the treatment of mycotic infections, taping for painful and deformed feet, production of individual medical aids, treatment of ingrown and involuted toe nails, physical support of wound treatment, shoe advice and medical foot treatment.