Visceral Surgery

The Department of Visceral and Thoracic Surgery treats diseases of the intestines and the abdominal wall by means of conservative and operative procedures. The range of services comprises both diagnostic services, such as endoscopy of the abdominal cavity, and the full range of general surgical services, such as surgical treatment of the gall bladder and the appendix, inguinal and incisional hernias as well as the colon and the stomach.

A special focus of the department is the comprehensive, technically challenging surgical treatment of cancer affecting the abdominal organs and the lungs (see Thoracic Surgery). Alongside these scheduled procedures, the Department of Visceral Surgery also performs a great number of emergency surgeries for the treatment of acute diseases of the abdominal organs. Whenever possible, minimally invasive surgical techniques (frequently referred to as keyhole surgery) are applied in all fields of general surgery, usually enabling a considerably faster recovery for patients.

The Department of Visceral Surgery collaborates closely with internal and external specialists on an interdisciplinary basis. The in-house specialist departments, in particular the gastroenterologists in the Department of Internal Medicine, are available for medical advice and, if necessary, surgical services in order to ensure that patients receive safe and high-quality treatment. The resulting wide range of diagnostic and therapeutic examination techniques and treatment options are complemented by comprehensive inpatient care, so patients can rest assured they are in the best hands throughout their entire stay at Klinikum Landkreis Erding.