Klinik-Kompetenz-Bayern eG

Enhancing networking. Working efficiently. Staying competitive!

Klinik-Kompetenz-Bayern eG, a registered cooperative, started its operations in January 2011 with the goal to establish an effective network between municipal and private non-profit hospitals.

As of August 2014, a total of 25 funding bodies with 52 high-performance municipal and non-profit hospitals in Bavaria are affiliated to the voluntary association. As many as 8,766 beds on emergency wards and 365 rehab beds are represented by Klinik-Kompetenz-Bayern, and over a 1 million patients are cared for in the hospitals. The members of Klinik-Kompetenz-Bayern eG count approximately 23,356 employees, have a DRG budget of just under 1.17 billion Euro and a total revenue of 1.39 billion Euro.

The consolidation and networking of competences enable the hospitals to provide the highest level of medical care and stay competitive without giving up their independence.

The goals of KKB are:

  • Improving and maintaining comprehensive and high-quality medical care in Bavaria
  • Strengthening the competitiveness and market position of the individual institutions
  • Transfer of know-how and exchange of experience between the members
  • Cooperation in human resources development

Since the beginning of 2013, Klinikum Landkreis Erding has also been a member of KKB.

The association does not compete with hospital associations or municipal associations, such as Bayerische Krankenhausgesellschaft [Bavarian Hospital Association] or the Bavarian Cities and District Council.

It collaborates with these associations and operates particularly in areas that are not covered by these associations.

Please find further information on the homepage of KKB.