Our Guiding Principles

We are YOUR partner

WE are a municipal hospital with nearly 1,000 staff members in Erding and Dorfen. As health experts in this district, we are your local points of contact. We take responsibility as active attendants and consultants for your health. Our friendly team consisting of members from a wide variety of professional groups is there for you. As an employer and a training institute, we also provide a significant and important contribution to people’s well-being both in the region and beyond. Our activities are marked by the appreciation of people in their diversity.

Our ambition: Professionalism

Our patients, partners and employees are important to us. With a great deal of commitment and understanding, we work hand-in-hand to provide interdisciplinary medical, nursing and service-oriented care in line with the latest standards. Our staff members are characterised by technical expertise and professionalism. As an Academic Teaching Hospital accommodating the affiliated vocational colleges for nursing professions, we promote the development of our existing and future employees by providing specific basic and advanced training opportunities. We use available resources in a responsible way. Our aim is to protect health and provide helpful guidance in sickness.

We are there for you

Our corporate culture is characterised by constructive collaboration. Our interaction with patients, partners and colleagues is respectful and open. We are open-minded to change and are geared to the latest scientific findings. We ensure internal and external transparency through internal networking and extensive cooperation. We practice positive dialogue in our family-friendly enterprise. We thus stand for forward-looking and quality-oriented development.

Our service: Medical care from one source

A great number of specialist departments at two locations offer an extensive range of inpatient and outpatient therapeutic services. Diversified services – from comprehensive health care management to a broad range of informational and advisory services – allow for providing medical care from one source. We stand for high quality, which we maintain by conducting regular internal and external inspections. Numerous corresponding certificates attest to our service capability and competitiveness. Special incentives for employees also make us attractive as an employer.

Motivation for the future

As a long-standing health care partner, you can continue to count on us. Your satisfaction is our motive to ensure innovative high-end medicine, state-of-the-art services at the hospital and the careful use of economic and ecological resources. We are open to and gladly accept any suggestions for improvement.