Patient Care in Intensive Care Medicine

The Intensive Care Unit

The hospital’s 1st floor houses the interdisciplinary Intensive Care Unit 1A with 10 beds, 8 of which are fitted with ventilation equipment. This unit employs a skilled and dedicated team of physicians, qualified nurses and nursing assistants to provide care and close personal attention to severely ill patients in critical condition.

The Intensive Care Unit is equipped with the latest technology for invasive monitoring, mechanical ventilation and haemofiltration. State-of-the-art interventional intensive care medicine and high-quality nursing on a foundation of evidence-based scientific findings are the aim and benchmark of our clinical practice. Patients in the Intensive Care Unit are treated in single-bed rooms and receive the highest possible level of psychosocial support in coping with their illness.

We are committed to promoting our team’s continuing education and professional development as the basis of our patients care standards.

A certificate by the German nursing association Deutscher Pflegerat e.V. also acknowledges our commitment on a personal level: We are an intensive care unit that also meets the needs of those close to the patient!

The Intermediate Care Unit (IMC)

The 12-bed Intermediate Care Unit 1B is located opposite the Intensive Care Unit. This is where surgical and internal medicine patients, with a wide range of clinical conditions are closely supervised and monitored according to their specific needs and receive competent medical and nursing services. Physicians, qualified nurses and nursing assistants ensure the patients’ safety and provide close personal attention to patients in critical condition. The length of stay is usually limited to a few days or hours – the IMC is meant to serve as a transition to general inpatient care.

Again, high-quality patient care is the top priority and is always based on the latest scientific findings. Patients are supported in their capabilities and receive individual assistance.