Patient Care in Metabology:

The Department of Internal Medicine on the 2nd floor consists of an 80-bed unit, which can also accommodate patients from other disciplines, whenever necessary.

Therapeutic focus:

  • Gastroenterology/Metabology/Diabetology
  • Cardiology/Interventional Cardiology/Angiology/Pneumology

The medical team comprises physicians and registered nursing staff, and is supported by nursing auxiliaries and nursing assistants.

The common goal is to continuously improve patient care and increase your satisfaction – by providing excellent medical and nursing services.

The Department of Internal Medicine also serves as a centre of practical training for health care and nursing students as well as for qualification of new staff members. An introductory concept and trained practical instructors are available at any time. A primary focus is on connecting with patients on a human level, involving their loved ones and putting patients at ease by providing them with professional support for the duration of their stay. The staff’s strong social and communication skills underline the integrated approach to patient care from admission to discharge.