Patient Care in Spine Center

The 3rd ward primarily provides medical and nursing care to patients from the Departments of Trauma, Thoracic and Visceral Surgery as well as from the integrated Spine Center and Gastroenterology Center. All our patients are cared for on a human, professional and medical level by committed individuals who are there for you with passion and heart.

Our staff members are highly motivated and enjoy working in their interprofessional and interdisciplinary positions. It is important to us that our team spirit and communication skills make you feel safe throughout your inpatient stay. We continue to educate ourselves to deliver world-class medical services in your treatment and recovery process. Our nursing staff members have dedication, understanding and empathy and keep a clear head in difficult situations. The Trauma and Visceral Surgery team employs experts who are open to new responsibilities and prepared for lifelong learning.

Service-minded qualified nurses, medical assistants and ward secretaries as well as qualified nursing auxiliaries and nursing assistants from a wide variety of cultural backgrounds are working hand-in-hand in your recovery process. If you have any questions, there will always be someone who can help you.

Continuing education and professional development are important to us and represent a regular part of our practice. We also offer our staff members training opportunities to become practical instructors or nursing experts in pain management (pain nurse).

We are there for you in any situation and make sure you are not on your own.