From city hospital to specialist hospital for internal medicine – the history of Klinik Dorfen

1926-1928    Construction of Klinik Dorfen
1969   Takeover of Klinik Dorfen by the district
1985-1989   Expansion/renovation of the hospital
1995   Consolidation with Klinikum Landkreis Erding
1996   Establishment of the external physician department of internal medicine
    Establishment of the Short-Term Care Unit
2003   Renovation of Klinik Dorfen
    Addition of the medical office building using private funding
2005   Specialisation of Klinik Dorfen to district hospital Dorfen – Specialist hospital for internal medicine
2007   Establishment of Haematology and Oncology
2011   Conversion of the former surgical wing
    Opening of a new wing for diagnostics
2016   Establishment of the Pain Therapy
2017   Establishment of the Sleeb Laboratory
2022   Establishment of the Geriatric Medicine