Overview of services offered in Gynecology

All clinical conditions of the female genitals and the female breast are treated in accordance with the latest standards of the German Society for Gynecology and Obstetrics.

1. In cooperation with Klinikum Landshut:

  • Oncoplastic, breast-preserving surgeries
  • All reconstructions with grafts or autografts
  • Sentinel lymph node (resection of a sentinel lymph node from the axilla after marking)
  • Drug therapy and radiation therapy in cooperation with external partners

2. Tumour therapy:

  • All radical surgeries for the treatment of cancer affecting the female genitals are performed in interdisciplinary collaboration with the in-house surgical and urology departments
  • Psychological counselling and follow-up care in cooperation with our external partner Wartenberg
  • Cooperation with local self-help groups

3. Minimally invasive procedures:

  • Hysteroscopy including correction of deformities as well as myomectomy and polypectomy; ablation of uterine mucosa (endometrial ablation)
  • Abdominoscopy: removal of the uterine body or the whole uterus with/without ovaries
  • Treatment of endometriosis also affecting neighbouring organs
  • Treatment of processes on the ovary or Fallopian tube
  • Fertility treatment

4. Procedures in the pelvic floor region:

  • The basis for the targeted treatment of incontinence and/or prolapse problems is the precise identification of the causes, which we can ascertain by conducting various measurements such as urethral pressure profilometry, bladder pressure measurement, ultrasound of pelvic floor organs, prolapse diagnosis and stool evacuation measurement. During our consultation hours, we offer you a relaxed and anxiety-free atmosphere to ensure that the examination yields reliable results.
  • Individual and interdisciplinary treatment of prolapse of the female genitals in cooperation with the in-house urology department
  • Surgeries for vaginal vault fixation and for tightening the intestines or for remediation of urinary and faecal incontinence with/without foreign material (TOT, Apogee, Perigee)