Overview of services offered in Orthopedic Surgery and Sports Medicine

Sports medicine

Sports medicine is particularly concerned with the treatment of joint damage such as meniscal ruptures, which are repaired using arthroscopic techniques. Ruptured cruciate ligaments can be replaced by a tendon graft, which is inserted into the knee joint under arthroscopic guidance. Achilles tendon ruptures or frequently occurring ruptures of the ankle joint’s lateral ligaments also require appropriate diagnosis, treatment and follow-up care so that they can heal completely without lasting damage.

Ruptures of tendons and ligaments

Torn tendons and ligaments are treated either surgically or conservatively. Tendon ruptures usually require surgical treatment, since tension in the muscle located at the end of every tendon causes a gap to form between the tendon's stumps. Ligaments are a different matter. They connect two osseous joint partners and thus their stumps approach each other again as soon as the dislocation of the joint leading to rupture is reduced. This is why they often require no surgical treatment.

Diseases of the ankle joint

Diseases of the ankle joint are often caused by sports injuries. Pulled or torn ligaments of the ankle can usually be treated conservatively, i.e. without surgery, by application of a splint. In the event of deformities, loose bodies or cartilage damage, however, arthroscopic surgery represents a sparing treatment option, while also allowing the surgeon to perform microfracturing for cartilage replacement or to drill a hole, for example, in the knee joint. In rare cases, pronounced joint damage necessitates arthrodesis or implantation of artificial joints.

Arthroscopy (visualization of joints)

Arthroscopy involves the assessment of the joint’s interior using a thin camera. At the same time, harmful alterations can be treated surgically via tiny skin incisions using special, thin instruments in a very sparing and precise manner. Aside from degenerative diseases, this procedure is particularly used for the treatment of sports injuries such as meniscus or cartilage damage, torn cruciate ligaments, loose bodies and other consequences of injuries or wear.