Range of treatment options

Kidneys and ureter

  • Endoscopic, open surgical and conservative treatment of stones (ESWL)
  • Endoscopic and open kidney and ureter surgery

Urinary bladder

  • Endoscopic removal of bladder tumours
  • Removal of bladder stones
  • Endoscopic dilatation of the bladder outlet
  • Diagnosis and treatment of nervous bladder voiding disorders


  • Endoscopic and open surgical treatment of benign prostate enlargement
  • Cancer screening, ultrasound-guided tissue sampling in connection with suspected prostate cancer
  • Prostate cancer treatment and follow-up care


  • Endoscopic dilatation of the urethra
  • Removal of growths

Male genitals

  • Surgical treatment of all testicular diseases
  • Circumcision
  • Sterilisation for those who have completed their families

Female genitals

  • Conservative and minimally invasive surgical treatment of urinary incontinence
  • Removal of urethral growths

Paediatric urology

  • Treatment of bladder voiding disorders
  • Investigation and treatment of bladder infections
  • Conservative and surgical treatment of undescended testes, conservative and surgical treatment of phimosis (inability to retract the foreskin)


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