Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery

The Department of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery headed by Dr. Cvetan Taskov is often called upon when life and limb are not (or no longer) at risk – but the extent of previous diseases or the level of mental suffering is so high that the affected patients need further help. Skin transplantation after a dog bite in the face to minimise scarring, tissue transplantation after a compound fracture of the lower leg to prevent amputation, microsurgical breast reconstruction using autografts after recovery from breast cancer – all these cases have been successfully treated by the plastic surgeons of Klinikum Landkreis Erding.

Reconstructive surgery is understood to be the restoration of body surfaces, shape and function following accidents, diseases or congenital deformities. Due to the diversity of defects, a great variety of methods and microsurgical techniques are required to perform these procedures. These include both breast reconstructions using autografts and covering of defects using autografts following accidents and in the case of problematic wounds. In addition, the department also performs reconstructive facial surgeries to treat the consequences of tumours and accidents as well as reconstructions in the event of peripheral nerve injuries.

Aesthetic surgery is concerned with changing a person’s physical appearance. Aesthetic surgeries require maximum trust between the physician and the patient as well as sound expertise of the medical professional. The appropriate procedure tailored to the individual patient’s needs is selected and performed after comprehensive consultation. The range of treatment options comprises state-of-the-art minimal-scar surgical techniques for skin tightening, breast augmentation and reduction, liposuction, nose and ear correction as well as wrinkle treatment.

In addition, Klinikum Landkreis Erding offers burn surgery. Burns are injuries that require intensive treatment and may lead to permanent functional and aesthetic impairments if not treated properly. The department treats not only minor, acute burns in individual parts of the body but also the consequences of large-scale burns. This comprises skin restoration, scar revision as well as the restoration of the function of extremities.